Saturday, September 17

Drunken Unsoliicted Opinion

The vintage responsible: Chauteau le Grand Faurie 1998, AOC St. Emilion Grand Cru: the best the corner liquor store (Love Liquors), which specializes in pints of Hennessy, has to offer. The opinion: Turner Movie Classics is single-handely carrying the cable TV industry. It, and the PBS News Hour, are the only reaons to continue paying for cable. Sure, it comes bundled now with cable Internet access. But why stick with the dead medium any longer? Especialy with BitTorrent here to stay? And though I am thoroughly sick of Marty Scorcese's jeremiad against pan-and-scan, I commend him for this educational message. If not for Marty & Ted & Frontline & Gwen Ifell and Ray Suarez with his ridiculously transparent hair transplants: fuck TV!


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