Friday, September 16

Bush, Up to His Ass in the Mud

The New York Times editorial on President Bush's speech to the nation last night was too genteel in praising him for giving an effective discourse that might bump him up in the polls a bit, temporarily. But I suppose that is is one aspect of the situation, a legitimate one. The crux of the matter appears a few paragraphs down:
We have already seen what happened to the Federal Emergency Management Agency when it was taken over by an administration that didn't like large federal agencies with sweeping mandates. For Iraq, the White House asserted that open-ended and no-bid contracts doled out to big corporations run by people known to government officials would mean swifter, more efficient operations. What we got was gross inefficiency, which has run up costs while failing in many cases to do the jobs required. Given this history, it's impossible not to worry about what will happen to the billions of dollars being committed to New Orleans, especially since the Army Corps of Engineers' top man in the reclamation effort was once the corps' top man overseeing contracts in Iraq.

Neuza got annoyed with me, I was yelling and swearing at the television so much! Especially when Bush starting talking about turning it into a free trade zone so the entrepreneurs can build higher. This, to me, is code for the same kind of carpetbagging that pillaged Iraq and siphoned taxpayer dollars into the pockets of no-bid contractors who did not even provide the services they were hired for. Grrrrrrr!

It's official: I'm turning into Archie Bunker in my old age, or Homer Simpson--remember when Bart says, "I like the way you get mad at the news, dad"? I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled. Seriously though, in Brazil, they call endemic corruption "the sea of mud." What you didn't see in yesterday's speech was that, out of the television frame, Bush was up to his ass in it.


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