Tuesday, September 13


Bisonte is the art studio fo my in-laws, Bia and Geraldo, proud parents of the Fellini-handsome Fabio. Bia has just learned the evil ways of Macromedia Flash, and Geraldo dreams up the visual concepts with the help of an occasional baseado. My favorite: the dog playing a piano made of bones. But it's hard for illustrators in Brazil, as for all symbolic manipulators these days, and the poor pair's greeting card client just went out of business. I keep saying, you know, all kinds of crazy foreigners do wacky illustrations for the New York publishing hub, why not a Brazilian? As for me, I am spending my post-quit-my-job hiatus hacking like a monster. I upgraded my laptop to Breezy Badger Kubuntu--things got a little hairy and I had to do some clever bootstrapping with apt-get from the command line after the X server borked in the process--and decided to set up my desktop machine with Fedora Core 3. It seemed primitive, so at the moment, my Yum utility is grinding its way through the upgrade to Fedora Core 4. Some people put model ships in bottles. I endlessly reconfigure my boxes. And I'm getting excited about social network analysis as a way of exploring the relationships of firms in a given sector .... say, financial technology or trading centers, for example. Neuza's going to support us both now with her incredible exploding dog walking business, anyway. The woman likes to be surrounding by dumb beasts! Why she married me. Various other wheelings and dealings as well. Meanwhile, I have some slack time left, waiting for a project bid to go through for a Brazilian cilent, repeat business, they love me. I had an MRI for what turns out to be a bone spur in my shoulder that might be farking up my rotator cuff. Surgery? Hope not. Blogging when I can on my new tech and finance blog. Sending out resumes, activating networks, reading novels. That's my life. Still feeling a great sense of relief at being able to walk out of a bad situation instead of being stuck there. I realize I am very lucky to have that luxury. Finally, Citibank sucks. Rolled over my CD without ever telling me I had 7 days to reassign it. Claimed they sent me a letter. No e-mail alerts, though they are reputedly the best online banking outift around. My ass! I was ready to transfer that balance into an ING CD that pays at least TWICE the rate. I could have sworn I requested it be returned to Preferred Savings once it expired. But I have no record of my online session. I smell the work of a retention expert here. These people are scum. I want to take every fucking penny out of there as soon as I possibly can.


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