Sunday, August 21

"A Little More Technology Editing, Please"

A Little More Technology Editing, Please, from David Card of Jupiter Research :
This graf ran toward the end of a Wall Street Journal article:
SBC's Internet-TV boxes will be smaller than a typical cable box. Cable boxes need to be big enough to store all channel programming at once, but because Internet-based boxes stream only one channel at a time, they don't need the extra space.
Um, isn't that a little like saying: "Flat panel sets aren't as good for watching team sports becauce a CRT has more room to hide all the tiny little players"? (As a kid, my dad believed there were little men inside the TV set acting out the shows.)

Thanks for that, David. It's an issue I am constant aware of in reading tech coverage in the trade press: The assumption, for example--I will spare the offending publication the embarrassment of revealing that it garbled the phraseology of the press release rather than attempting to understand the facts--that XHTML is the same thing as HTML, so that a client-side XHTML "smart page" gets described breathlessly as "putting the document on the Web using HTML." Imagine, putting documents on the Web using HTML! What an innovation! No wonder they put out a press release!

Amen. And here's to the geek-journalist with the rare capacity to work both sides of C.P. Snow's "two cultures" ...


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