Wednesday, August 24

Life Imitates Your Art

June Cole takes some heat for his comments on "martyred" American journalist Stephen Vincent, killed in Basra. Cole believes the art journo and blogger's death may have been an honor killing. I have one small comment to add to the Professor's explanation of this view. He writes,
Note that I did not say, as Mrs. Vincent assumes, that he was sleeping with his interpreter, Nur al-Khal. That he was romantically involved with her is obvious from his blog, where he calls her "Leyla". I don't have any interest in their personal lives per se, but this relationship may have had something to do with his death and so is fair game for mention.

The reason this explains the case is because "Layla" could well be a reference to a love story, wildly famous among Arabic and Persian speakers, called "Leyla wa(l-)Majnoon" ("Layla (Night) and the Madman"). A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.


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