Tuesday, August 23

I'm in the Moog for Looooove

I will be dating myself by confessing this, but my first exposure to technology was the crazy, mixed up Moog synthesizer music of Wendy (n�e Walter) Carlos's Switched-On Bach. On Blogdex today, the death of the inventor, Robert Moog, is registering more interest than the Moral Majoritarian Pat Robertson's gaffe about Comrade Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Not many people know this about me, but I originally set out to major in music in college. Problem was the first class I took was Electronic Music Studio with John Steele Ritter, who, despite a career as Rampal's harpsichordist, managed to blow my mind very badly with the works of Cage, Riley, Reich, Stockhausen and others.

Ain t life grand?


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