Tuesday, August 16

Comparative Pizza

Officer Says Military Blocked Sharing of Files on Terrorists, writes the New York Times.
The account from Colonel Shaffer, a reservist who is also working part-time for the Pentagon, corroborates much of the information that the Sept. 11 commission has acknowledged it received about Able Danger last July from a Navy captain who was also involved with the program but whose name has not been made public. In a statement issued last week, the leaders of the commission said the panel had concluded that the intelligence program "did not turn out to be historically significant." The statement said that while the commission did learn about Able Danger in 2003 and immediately requested Pentagon files about it, none of the documents turned over by the Defense Department referred to Mr. Atta or any of the other hijackers.

What a nice way to get back into a New York state of mind after returning from Brazil.

In Brazil, I witnessed an incredibly inept and futile corruption investigation being played out in the media, and saw quite clearly, as the Brazilians say, that it would all end in "pizza"--the adversarial parties would end up going out for pizza afterwards to celebrate preserving the status quo from which they all benefit, after all.

Now I find that the 9/11 Commission was pretty much the same story.

A story full of sound and fury, signifying pizza.

Okay, now I'm mad as hell, have too much to do, and worry about religious fanatics bombing the neighborhood where I work again. Yeah, baby, I'm in a New York state of mind!


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