Tuesday, August 16

Brazil in a Nutshell

Brazil in a Nutshell
Originally uploaded by Colin Brayton.
I am back from Brazil, though Neuza is staying on for a couple of weeks to put things in order down there. This photo, shot by Neuza from the Ladeira da Misercordia in Olinda, along the traditional Carnaval parade route, seems to sum it all up somehow. How so? Can't say, exactly. That's Recife off in the distance. I managed to come back with a horrible cold or flu. Those cheap cattle-car intercontinental flights with their wretched teaming masses are hell on earth.


Blogger Neuza said...

Take care of your nose! The sun light is wonderful in this poluted paulistana spring. But I'm a kind of melancholic without you stealing my pillows.

8/16/2005 11:09:00 pm  
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