Friday, August 19

Blogs: the New Spam

Media Bistro has this job listing:

Gekko Blogs, LLC is the creative agency for the blogosphere. Our cool clients believe that a top-notch blog is a better way to relate to the public than old-school direct mail, spam, corporate websites, print advertisements, etc. We're looking someone with the skills to write and edit some of the world's finest blogs. That means scouring RSS feeds, magazines, books, and the web; having an editor's eye for what's newsworthy and appropriate; discovering a writer's voice that oozes passion, integrity, and professionalism without being formal, stuffy, or fluffy; adhering to high professional standards; building relationships with other bloggers; and delivering huge audiences to our clients--who, we think, deserve the attention. Dream candidates have journalism degrees, strong clips and references, and promising professional journalism careers. Having a blog you're proud of is key, too. Candidates lacking some of those things are welcome to try to knock our socks off.


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