Saturday, July 2

Homage to the Crazy Brazilian I Married

My patient, loving wife, who has suffered so much from the work schedule of her crazy Protestant-ethic workaholic hubbie, which requires nearly 24-7 attention, is a total babe sprung to life from the pages of R. Crumb and a certain genre of Brazilian popular film from the 1970s.I feel sorry for you for not being married to her, ya poor bastard. The retired bicha grilo and punkette has a new book of short stories ready, including the near-novella length "In the Garden of Ceres," so she'll be hitting up the publishing houses. Can't afford an agent yet, published her last book without one. I've got her reading how-to books on novels and I do believe she has one brewing. When she's famous and has films made of her stories, I'll stay home and feed the cat while she's out doing the Brazilian version of the Letterman show and signing translated editions in Berlin. Oba oba oba, foca louca querida!


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