Sunday, July 10

Goo Wrangler Extraordinaire

My newest hero: Paul Conley and his last-angry-man "blog for those who toil in the most specialized, and perhaps the least glamorous, area in the press -- trade journalism."
Paul Conley entered journalism at the age of six. Too young to be hired as a paper boy, he convinced a neighborhood teenager to subcontract his route. Since then, Paul has continued to rewrite the rules of the profession as a reporter, editor, bureau chief, producer and executive.

Paul has held senior positions at Knight-Ridder, CNN, Primedia and Bloomberg. He serves on the professional advisory boards of College Media Advisers, the national group that works with student journalists, and Northwest Missouri State University?s Mass Communications program.

Paul takes what he has learned in 'big media" and shares it with journalism students and teachers as well as with the editorial staffs of trade magazines, B2B newsletters and similar publications.

Not many people around "managing content" who actually used to produce the undifferentiated goo.


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