Wednesday, July 20

Convergence: A Paradigm Case

This press release that comes through Finextra illustrates Plato's view that all things tend to reveal their true natures in the fullness of time:
Japan's Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank is introducing slot machine-style games to its ATMs which will give customers the chance to win back bank fees or around $10 in cash. The fruit machine-style games will run as customers wait for the cash machines to process transactions. Customers can play the games by hitting a stop button on the ATM screen. Cardholders that hit a triple seven will have their after hours ATM fee - Y105 (around $1) refunded. If a set of 'gold' or 'super gold' pictures line up on the slot game, the customer wins Y1000 (nine dollars) which can be collected from a branch counter at a later date. The chance of getting three sevens is about one in 10, while customers have a one-in-500 chance of winning the cash prize. The bank says the games will not be available during regular business hours when cash withdrawal from ATMs is free of charge.

Combining a brokerage account, regular banking, and gambling on one terminal--add lottery ticket vending and you could stick one in every Brooklyn bodega. In time, it would become regarded as a kind of god or oracle, like the flying head in Zardoz.


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