Saturday, July 9

Comendo Uvas na Chuva

No one ever believes me when I tell them that there's a lot of vestigial Celtic culture in the Iberian Peninsula--heck, no one even remembers the Visigoths anymore, so how are they gonna recall mysterious naked warriors painted blue?--so I call to witness the Associa��o Gaita de Foles: The Bagpipe Association of Portugal. Best professional association since the International Trombone Association, of which I was once a proud member.

"Eating grapes in the rain": It's a song by the Brazilian group Karnak, which I have loaded up on the blast box. Also giving a listen to Ry Cooder's new album about Chavez Ravine. I like it. I like just about any record with Flaco Jimenez on it.

It's nice to be having a life this weekend. Ivan the Terrible had one of his patented birthday bashes in that dicey Bushwick HQ of his last night. He's even convinced that foxy Tricia of his to move in with him. It's amazing: the last of the mobile, hostile, agile lizardmen, domesticated at last. We talked a lot to a nice Irish woman named Suzy who came with Dave from the punk band, I brought caipirinha fixings--you can get Ypioca here now, which is not bad stuff, although the export product always seems to be of inferior quality--and pisco, to contribute a South American note to the proceedings. Turns out the Trish has lived in Santiago where my bro-in-law lives.

Weariness really catching up with me, but at least I have come down from high-strung nerves to lassitude in the last week. We wound up pushing out a pretty good issue, and our new publisher is meeting with us next week. Without telling tales out of school, the very fact that he wants to trocar uma ideia com a gente is a sign that things are getting better. I can almost imagine normalcy at certain moments. Oh, well, I knew this job would be an adventure. I'm writing a couple of things in the next week or so, which is something I have wanted to do.

The marital partner is off to Coney Island to bronze herself, leaving me in the sack with a Vargas Llosa novel and a bunch of magazines to catch up on, though I passed the day mostly snoozing.

Going to some kind of fancy dinner next week, also a private tasting at Monkey Woman Catering LLC.

The London attacks were upsetting. We had to convert a comment built around twitting the Limeys for getting the Olympics instead of us into an expression of solidarity without adding more than 20 words. We did a good live news blast on what the financial houses and exchanges were doing in terms of their business continuity plans, but one guy thought the headline was really tasteless: "London Burning: The City Copes." I was thinking of the Edward Murrow reports from the Blitz, I think--and also possibly the Clash song--so I don't feel too guilty. Hey, just nice to know subscribers are out there reading our stuff! I found out recently that our content goes out over a lot of the financial newswires. Nobody ever told me that before. Is that embarrassing or what?

Oh, well, back to the sofa. I'm obsessed with Eclipse and Java Business Process Management at the moment. I figure if you are going to write clearly and concisely about a technology for non-geeks, you should try it out.

Over and out.


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Hi - I was searching for blogs about associations and found yours. Reason I was searching for associations is I have one and I'm looking for ways people run theirs.

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