Wednesday, June 29

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Bloggers Go Mainstream to Fight Regulation :
Are bloggers going mainstream? Web log founders who built followings with anti-establishment postings are now lobbying the establishment to try to fend off government regulation. Some are even working with a political action committee, lawyers and public-relations consultants to do it. ADVERTISEMENT They say they have no choice. "There's a certain responsibility I have to help protect the medium. I have the platform, the voice to be able to do so," said Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, founder of the Web log Moulitsas testified Tuesday at a hearing on a Federal Election Commission proposal that would extend some campaign finance rules to the Internet, including bloggers. He urged the FEC to take a hands-off approach. "We have a democratic medium that allows anyone to have true freedom of the press. We have average citizens publishing their thoughts through research, through journalism, their activism and encouraging others to do the same," Moulitsas told commissioners. Moulitsas also is working with a lawyer who volunteered to help bloggers fight new government regulations and whose efforts were promoted in a PR firm press release Monday. Moulitsas is prepared to lobby Congress himself if necessary, and he is the treasurer of BlogPac, a political action committee formed last year by bloggers. Another witness, Michael Krempasky, founder of, a pro-Republican blog, called bloggers "citizen journalists" and said that like traditional media, they should get an exemption from campaign finance regulation.

Oh, bleep that. If you take money from one of the political parties or a political action committee, you're a hack and flack and your claim to independent citizen-journalist status is highly suspect what falls out the hind end of the male of the bovine species.

Word of the day: "co-option."

2 a : to take into a group (as a faction, movement, or culture) : ABSORB, ASSIMILATE b : TAKE OVER, APPROPRIATE

I love the fact that Arthur C. Danto, one of my favorite philosophers, is the source of the usage example chosen by Merriam-Webster to illustrate the definition.See also Sartre's notion of "bad faith." Not entirely useless, that Sartre.

I shoulda become a lexicographer, like my hero, Antonio Houaiss. Unfortunately, my high school didn't have a career track for that.


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