Tuesday, June 21

Whacky WikiWiki in Gaga La-lA

The Los Angeles Times has canceled a novel Internet feature that allowed readers to rewrite an editorial on the newspaper's website, after some users sabotaged the site with foul language and pornographic images. The newspaper launched the experimental "wikitorial" Friday and killed it early Sunday after an unknown user or users posted explicit photos. An announcement on the newspaper's website, http://www.latimes.com , said the feature had been removed "at least temporarily, because a few readers were flooding the site with inappropriate material."

Wouldn't you? If you really want to make publishing these days, you charge a premium for stuff the riff-raff never get to read and respond to publicly. You know, like hedge-fund newsletters. I know one that goes for $1500 a year, publishes quarterly in an 8"x11" newletter format. Ten pages. Murdoch--and Plato's Republic, minus dramatic irony, as the neocons read it--are right: trash for the trash and the cream for the creme de la creme--who still have to be written for at a sixth-grade level, just like the general readership.

Source: LA Times. I won't even bother linking to the story on their Web site because their registration routine is such a freakin' hassle.


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