Thursday, June 2

Times Go Home.

New York Times to hand out free weekly tabloid in city (via SPJ Press Notes):
The New York Times Co. will roll out a free weekly tabloid in New York City, offering an alternative to daily free newspapers that have been established in the last two years, including Metro New York and AM New York. Street hawkers will hand out the New York Times publication, called MarketPlace Weekly, at 250 commuter points, such as Manhattan's Grand Central Terminal and Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, beginning next week, the company said Wednesday. The Thursday afternoon paper will begin with a circulation of 150,000. The company, the third-biggest U.S. newspaper publisher, is seeking to boost ad revenue with MarketPlace Weekly as circulation and sales stagnate at the company's flagship newspaper. The tabloid will include classified ads and articles from the Times's Job Market, Business, Dining Out, Real Estate and Automotive sections.

Grand Army Plaza? Nobody hangs out at Grand Army Plaza, though I suppose you get some Park Slopers heading off to work. Does anyone really want a free pape with Times attitude, however?

Especially if it's mainly job market and business. What, Brooklynites don't need news of world affairs? Both the first-movers in this free subway-ride-length paper dealie have a nice mix of news for people in a hurry, not the 65 column inches the Times will devote to a sewer-repair bond in Minsk as a metaphor for the contradictions of neoliberalism. In my neighborhood, everybody's unemployed and the closest most folks get to an investment is playing the weekly lottery. Sending us classifieds full of ads for executive-level jobs is a freaking insult.

The Times should just stay on the safe side of the East River where its advertising demographic lives. This is Brooklyn, baby. This ain't no shopping spree at Bergdorf-Goodman, this is minor league baseball, senseless beatings, crooked storage facilities and public breastfeeding on the buses.


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