Saturday, June 18

Snootier Pubs Than Ours Foul Up, Too

Former Linux Architect Moves to Microsoft, from eWEEK, is an interesting story in itself, but what grabbed me was this at the bottom:
Editor's Note: This story was corrected to reflect that Robbins is working with Bill Hilf and Microsoft's Linux group, not Bill Hill and the ClearType group.

Now that makes more sense! Robbins is the former chief architect at Gentoo, not a top-notch Postscript and TeX hacker. I once mispelled the name of one of the most famous lawyers in America, a Harvard law professor, and misidentified the party affiliation of an SEC commissioner. That was before we finally got a third editor in to make the editorial process actually workable ... in theory. This week, for instance, we almost ran a photo of the interview subject's famous father rather than the international banker himself. But the Boss, who knows all these people personally, was there to catch it.


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