Thursday, June 2

Routines Amid the Flux of Yucks

Little changes in the daily routine: Suddenly Yahoo! has changed the way it classifies businesses on its financial pages. A lot of that going around, I notice. Then, the robotic coffee machine in the office turns out to have been reprogrammed. Now, instead of just blinking "Your beverage is being prepared ..." over and over again--leaving you to listen for the overtones rising as the cup fills up to judge when the process is nearing an end--it counts down: "Your beverage is being prepared ... 5," "Your beverage is being prepared ... 4," "Your beverage is being prepared ... 3," "Your beverage is being prepared ... 2," "Your beverage is being prepared ... 1," ENJOY YOUR BEVERAGE ENJOY YOUR BEVERAGE ENJOY YOUR BEVERAGE ENJOY YOUR BEVERAGE ENJOY YOUR BEVERAGE.

I, for one, welcome the additional information, it helps me to manage my schedule better, since I'm usually reading something while the thing churns but then have somewhere else to be right away.

Score one for usability in Flavia's account, then. And try putting the coffee packet in before you put put the mylar frothy topping in the next time you order a two-phase capuccino. I think you'll find the results amusing if you add half a pack of Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix. Of Yahoo's new taxonomy of what people do in order to consume at a higher level of status, I am frankly dubious.


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