Friday, June 24

Odeo: Listen, Sync, Create

Odeo will change the world.

Just got my invitation to check out the beta version of the new podcasting site from Blogger founder Evan Williams, late Google employee, and Noah Glass of Listen Lab.

Beta my patootie. It's about as beta as Google News is still beta. It is simply just amazingly awesome. Too bad the Odeo Sync tool, which automaticaly downloads from subscribed channels, is Windows-Mac only. I'm sure the Linux crowd will hop right on it, though.

Slight branding problem: The name of the company sounds looks just like "I hate it" in Portuguese. Shades of the legendary Chevy Nova ("It doesn't go, run, work") branding disaster in Mexico (which never actualy happened, I think I read). Rebrand for the exploding South American market?


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