Wednesday, June 22

Neuro-Linguine With Bullshit Sauce

It frightens me to think that the guy who is trading for my retirement account might, like this fellow, who blogs on Tales from a Trading Desk, turn out to be a devotee of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

What a lot of nonsense! Imagine, being able to to influence your own mind and behavior and the mind and behavior of others using only language! The thing is, what else is language for except influencing the mind and behavior of others, and allowing yourself to be influenced in turn--or not? NLP is the equivalent of putting a tutu on a hog and calling it a prime example of pseudo-brutalist conceptual juxtapositionism (second post-Iraq caviling cabal of the post-ironic heresy).

I say "Watch out for that tree!" and you swerve to avoid it. It is pretty complicated when you think about it, but it's really requires no fancier designation than "using language," or, if you prefer, "communicating." If you need a fancier term for the art of influencing people with your words, there's always good old "rhetoric." I'll even go along with the Austin-Searle notion of the "speech act." But no further. Entia non multiplicanda sunt.

The same point applies to the post on how blogs will change your business. Imagine! All you have to do to make your business thrive is coordinate your efforts with the efforts of others by using WRITING to store knowledge and retrieve it at any time! Wow! That's so, like, deep! Why didn't I think of that? Can I donate all my worldly possessions to your foundation and sell roses on the street to help you bring about the Kingdom of God on Earth?

Stop trying to pretend that buying low and selling high is some kind of freaking Miltonian epic and finance my retirement bungalow in Ceara, will you?


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