Monday, May 23

What Blogging Is Really Good For

This Seattle nerd saved me endless hours of agony. I screwed up my network at home trying to get my wireless router working right again. I had to download the firmware for Linux and install it. But the folks at Linksys did a half-assed job. The compiler kept crashing. I'd get something like this:
realpath(/nfs/verin/array0/home/darkness/tmp/wrt54g/WRT54G/release/src/linux/linux/include/asm/gcc) failed, No such file or directory

So I just enter that gobbledygook into Google and bam! Here's this nerd journaling a similar experience with great sprezzatura:

It looks like it wants asm/gcc. There is include/asm-mips/gcc and include/asm-mips64/gcc. So I?ll just ln -s asm-mips include/asm and? that seems to have fixed the above error. So we?re moving on.

While my machine is running make dep I?ll go ahead and mention that the default configuration for the kernel it builds is in arch/mips/defconfig-bcm947xx. Also, check out WRT54G/release/src/router/rc for a good time. Lots of interesting stuff in there that I?m guessing is performed on boot by the Linksys.

On the Internet, there could be a unique solution to any kind of arcane problem you're trying to solve, whether it's C++ for Gnome or you're a Brazilian in a New York who wants to surprise her husband by making Yankee pot roast for dinner (thanks, honey!).

Web journalism will be useful when everybody starts writing what they know from experience instead of the blogging industry marketing geniuses encouraging everyone to write what they think about things they know nothing about except from Googling up what other know-nothings have said about it. When it starts raining toads in Texas, the one scientist out there who studies this sort of thing as his life's work will be googled up and get the guest shot on CNN instead of Jerry Falwell, who thinks the Book of Revelations explains it. (Hell, it rains toads in Brazil all the time, they have special umbrellas made for it).

Thanks, wireless guy. You saved my hash.


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