Saturday, May 21

Ubuntu Saved My Bacon!

I've mentioned my recent adventures in Linux, haven't I? To make a long story short, I got a copy of SuSE Pro 9.2 and started dinking around with it on an old desktop machinie. It was great! Except for one thing: My network settings got all out of whack, and the network configuration tool (a YaST module) just made things worse. I learned more than I ever wanted to about routing tables, device configuration files, and manual network configuration from the command line ... to no avail.

Finally, I had a serious need to get some work done and little time to do it. What to do? I had SuSE on my laptop, too, but hadn't done much with it, so I popped in the Ubuntu installation disk and hit "start." Fifteen minutes later, a rocking, rolling, kick-ass functioning Debian-Gnome system was purring along. I met all my desperate deadlines while downloading the complete works of Carmen Miranda in the background, ripping them into MP3s, and burning them to CD.

Hail, Ubuntu, my personal orixa! Sorry, SuSE. In trying to recreate a Wintel user experience, you have succeeded all too well. I may work you into a dual-boot system or stick you on my old junk box to mess around with you more, but for my personal production environment, it's the Swahili dealie.


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