Thursday, May 5

Life at Ground Zero: It's a Blast

Makeshift grenades responsible for Consulate blasts (Ireland Online):
Two small makeshift grenades were used in the explosions outside a building housing the British Consulate in New York today. Slight damage was caused to the building but no one was injured, officials said. The blasts occurred at 8.50am Irish time and originated inside a cement flower box outside the consulate in midtown Manhattan, said police department spokesman Noel Waters. Police said the devices were both toy grenades that had been altered to explode by the addition of black gunpowder. Police made the conclusion after piecing together the shrapnel. They estimated that one was the size of a pineapple, the other the size of a lemon.

Great, now we have our own miniature version of the Basque-Islamist debate the Spaniards had about 11M: Was it the Irish Republican Army--which normally doesn't sh*t where it eats--or an Islamist terror cell run out of a Brooklyn bodega? I'm keeping the TV off, I don't want to hear it, especially when the part where the Homeland Security director comes out and makes political hay of it, like last summer. I see those double-decker tourist buses filled with Red Staters and think of something I read in Harpers this month: a radical evangelical needling the reporter with, "You're from New York? KaBOOOOOOOM!" I know it's a stereotype, but explosions bring out the worst in me.

As Lou Reed says, you can all go take a walk. Welcome to New York. Now gimme your wallet and beat it.


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