Sunday, May 22

All Your Copy-Editing Job Are Belong to Robot

Microsoft Word Grammar Checker Are No Good, Scholar Conclude (Chron. of Higher Edukashun): An article on Sandeep Krishnamurty's "A Demonstration of the Futility of Using Microsoft Word?s Spelling and Grammar Check."
I knew Microsoft Word's Spelling and Grammar Check feature was bad. However, I never realized how bad this feature really was until a student turned in a poorly written report that was ?spellchecked? and ?grammarchecked?. I have since tested this feature out hundreds of times. My conclusion is that the ?Spelling and Grammar Check? feature on Microsoft Word is extraordinarily bad (especially the Grammar check part). It is so bad that I am surprised that it is even being offered and I question the ethics of including a feature that is this bad on a product that is so widely used.

A colleague observes: I have always found it interesting that the message we receive after the spelling and grammar are checked reads: "The spelling and grammar check is complete." To me these are two different types of checking and in my opinion the message should read "the spelling and grammar checks are complete."

Quibble with Sandeep's prose if you wish, but the lesson is clear: Anyone who replaces a biological language professional with a machine programmed by non-language professionals (language non-professionals?) is a nidiot. I blame Chomsky.


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