Friday, April 22

BizBlog 2.0

Blogspotting is a fine little online journal from Business Week, which according to the Media Guerilla did a cover story on the b-word recently. Fine pub, BW, even if the typesetting is abominable. I liked this post from Heather Green:
42% said they believe that blogging has forced mainstream media to do a better job of reporting. And 62% of those polled believe that bloggers should not be held to the same standards of accuracy and ethics as journalists.
It's this last bit that I found intriguing. I get that there is plenty of debate about whether traditional journalistic ethics should apply to bloggers. But I thought that accuracy was fundamental to blogging. After all, if bloggers don't strive to be accurate or aren't upfront about what they don't know, don't they lose credibility? And isn't credibility what people's reputations are based on online? Just a question.


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