Sunday, March 20

Gannon Again

Questions for Jeff Gannon: Blogged Down from the NY Times mag this Sunday:

Are you suggesting that Bobby Eberle, the Republican operative who hired you to shill for his Gopusa under the guise of his Talon News service, has special access at the White House? I just don't know the answer to that question. Scott McClellan, the press secretary to President Bush, called on you and allowed you to ask questions on a nearly daily basis. What, exactly, is your relationship with him? I was just another guy in the press room. Did I try to curry favor with him? Sure. When he got married, I left a wedding card for him in the press office. People are saying this proves there is some link. But as Einstein said, 'Sometimes a wedding card is just a wedding card.'' You mean like 'sometimes a cigar is just a cigar''? That wasn't Einstein. That was Freud. Oh, Freud. O.K. I got my old Jewish men confused. You should learn the difference between them if you want to work in journalism. I'd like to get back into journalism. I'm hoping someone will offer me a job as a commentator or one of those political analysts that you see on the news shows all the time. What are we supposed to make of the fact that before reporting for Talon News, you had never had a job in journalism and apparently earned your living running a gay escort service? Don't let that confuse the issue. We have driven so many good people from public service through the politics of personal destruction. People on the left who disagreed with me decided that I needed to be punished by any means necessary.

I just can't get enough of this freak show. The bald boy toy is already linking to a Powerline deconstruction of the hostile grilling he received from the Times' Deborah Solomon, and running his own copyrighted self-justifications:

The well-funded liberal attack machine, Media Matters, filled with operatives from the DNC and failed Democratic campaigns incited activist bloggers to wage a full-scale jihad against me. All sorts of personal information about me, including my Social Security number was published on the internet. Threats against me as well as my family led to my voluntary resignation in the belief that would bring it to an end, but the bloggers were aiming for my total destruction.

The Left is engaging in "21st Century McCarthyism" in an effort to blacklist conservative journalists in order protect [sic] their domination of the media.

Yeesh. A jihad of personal destruction, no less. I love it when these people trot that one out, after impeaching Clinton for extramarital nookie.


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