Sunday, February 27

That's one paper done, chips anyone? from Observer Blog

That's one paper done, chips anyone?. I am enjoying the blog being done by the editors of The Observer, so I says, says I:

This is exactly the approach to blogging I was pitching to my boss for our publication: You make the editorial process transparent and capture the informal, behind-the-scenes personality and voice of your paper, the one that normally doesn't get heard. People like that. I know I do. It's very engaging to be invited to see the human element behind the carefully scripted performance: the ballerina smoking and swapping dirty jokes with the stagehands before going on as the Dying Swan, as it were.

I wish I could show you guys the PowerPoint I did on this, but it's internal work product, very hush-hush. Just kidding, sort of. I did up this chart that shows the normal workflow for a news story or the planning of an issue--that's a recent roadmap of ours, above--then show that there are various opportunities for blogging at different junctures along the way. It allows you to reuse byproducts of the reporting process--kind of like a sausage, a newspaper is, you just stuff in all the chunks and mold it together--and gives the reader a sense of participation, of reading over your shoulder while you're correcting proofs as it were.

Of course, you have to be careful to protect the integrity of the process while you're doing it. No revealing that the interview subject has halitosis or that Deep Throat was a total *&#^@#!! and lives at 233 Elm Street ...


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