Sunday, February 20

Sunday Gabfest

I have gotten into the habit of working from 9:00 to 1:00 on Sunday with the Sunday talk shows blabbing in the background. Then me and Neuza go off to do something, maybe just sit around in the T-Mobile hotspot at Starbucks on Seventh in Park Slope and work some more.

This week, the brainy Brazilian is in Isla Negra, Chile, seeing our nieces and making me very, very jealous and forlorn. See how I've fallen apart in just a few days since her departure: flu-ridden, gone through all the clean socks, can't find anything.

Here's Andrew Sullivan on the Chris Matthews Show, repeatedly calling Harvard women faculty members "Stalinists" for objecting to Lawrence Summers' recent remarks. Andrew Sullivan is a past master at marketing facile talking points from the noise machine as products of his own amiable stupidity. He's a total whore: Let's revoke his visa for moral turpitude. Hey, Legg Mason: You sponsor this crap, I ain't using your services.

I'm entering my team's operational structure into DotProject this morning. Installed it in about 3 seconds using the Fantastico installer in the Cpanel control panel for my domain. The whole thing rocks. You can wait for months trying to get something like this done in-house by a corporate IT department, and it won't be any more secure or reliable in the end.

Now it's Hillary on Face The Nation. Next. Oh, damn, she's on Meet the Press, too, simultaneously. Mute. Go to earphones.

More gab as it develops. Best Sunday spot in a long time was last week: Pat Buchanan debating Natan Scharansky on MSNBC. Not for the content of the views expressed so much as because it was an honest to God debate, skilfully conducted. A rare beast on TV these days.


Blogger Neuza said...

But if you miss me, my moody bear, why don�t you call me, email me or even write comments in my blog? See you soon, baby,

Looooove you


PS Why don�t you wash your dirty socks in our laundry?

2/20/2005 03:18:00 pm  

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