Monday, February 21

Slush Fun; Fear and Loathing Catches Up with HST

I always those snowstorms that melt the next morning, leaving lakes of slush in all the gutters and turning basic urban navigation into an ass-busting disaster waiting to happen.

Hunter S. Thompson is dead by his own hand:

Thompson, also known as the "Gonzo Journalist," shot and killed himself on Sunday. He was associated with the "New Journalism" movement of the 1960's, in which the journalist made himself an important component of the story.

Kind of a tutelary daemon of the contemporary bloggerati, HST. I always loved his work and at the same time felt leary about the example it set. A lot of news now has the journalist inserting himself or herself in the story and trying to pretend that's not the case. Michael Moore got a lot more gonzo with Fahrenheit 9/11 and wound up trivializing the subject matter, for instance, and making yourself a part of the story is exactly what got Dan Rather into so much trouble: The highly probable hypothesis that Bush evaded military service is all but forgotten now. Victory for the noise machine. And a recent example is Adam Davidson's "Out of Iraq." in the latest Harper's. Adam had visions of living out among the people in Baghdad and wound up fleeing like a scared rabbit because he got so intoxicated by his own vision of himself as venturesome journalistic entrepreneur that he lost his situational awareness and succumbed to massive paranoia. How Hunteresque.


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