Saturday, February 12

The Noise Machine Unmasked

I must be the only guy in the blogosphere who has not been all over this "Gannon" thing (Salon, $$$/ad blab--a smart biz model, btw):
Still left unanswered, though, is how a partisan novice reporter working for a fake news organization was able to gain regular access to White House briefings.

Take a wild freaking guess.

The White House press office continues to be non-responsive to Salon's questions about the credentialing process and Guckert's apparent ability to rig the system. At Thursday's daily press briefing, White House press secretary Scott McClellan fielded several questions on the issue. He told reporters that Guckert had "never applied for a hard pass. He had a daily pass." Guckert's ineligibility for a hard pass -- the likely reason he never applied -- was left unmentioned.

My coworker finally told me about this in passing yesterday. Wow. Gay sex scandal at a gay-bashing rag given insider access to rig press conferences by the black-suited minions of a folksy prexy running on the need for outlawing gay marriage by constitutional amendment. As I told my friend, who is pessimistic about the chances of overcoming the propaganda mill, the noise machine will inevitably self-destruct. I truly believe that. These idiots have no sense of irony, they never see this kind of thing coming. It'd be great material for a Greek tragedy if, as Aristole would point out, the cast of characters were not so thoroughly ignoble ... still, there is a tragic dimenstion to, as Lou Reed says, "all the jim-jims in this town / and everybody puttin' everybody else down / and all the dead bodies piled up in mounds ..."


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