Tuesday, February 1

Hot off the Wire: Risky Business

Hot off PR Newswire: World Trade Center Properties LLC Appoints Aon Broker for Freedom Tower Construction.
Aon Risk Services, Inc. has been appointed by World Trade Center Properties LLC, an affiliate of Silverstein Properties, Inc., as broker for insurance coverage related to the construction of the Freedom Tower in Lower Manhattan. The Freedom Tower is the 1,776 foot-tall building that will serve as the new soaring icon of the World Trade Center site. The July 4, 2004, groundbreaking ceremony marked the start of construction on what will be one of the world's tallest and greenest buildings. As with every building at the site, it will incorporate the highest standards of architectural design, life-safety, environmental sustainability and technology. As envisioned in the master plan, construction will be completed in 2009.

Interesting choice, giving that Aon Corp. specializes in catastrophe reinsurance and "cat derivatives." If we are lucky, we will still be in this office over the next few years, where we will have a great view of the tower going up--just like the folks who were here that day had a great view of the old twins going down down down.


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