Wednesday, February 23

Fannin' the Gannon Flame

Editor and Publisher, the Information Authority for the Newspaper Industry, has this on Gannon the gay-hustling neoconservative Rottweiler (precis by that fine SPJ Press Notes newsletter:

Former Talon News reporter James Guckert obtained his first White House press credentials as a representative of the pro-Republican Web site, GOPUSA, not as a Talon News reporter, as previously believed, Press Secretary Scott McClellan told E&P today. McClellan said White House Press Office staffers considered the openly partisan site to be a legitimate news organization when they gave Guckert, a.k.a. Jeff Gannon, the first of numerous day passes in February 2003. "He faxed a letter in on his [GOPUSA] letterhead, they checked that it was a conservative news Web site he worked for," McClellan explained, referring to his staffers who handled such credentialing at the time. "There was a check to make sure it was a news organization and a news Web site. There was a determination made at that point [that it was legitimate]."

"Legitimate" as in "supports the interests of the faith-based community over the inane, paralyzing skepticism of the reality-based community." In other words, the White House propaganda secretariat installed its ideological ringer knowing full well what the creature said it was. Ain't irony delicious? The gay porn nexus, Hollowood could not have dreamed it up.

And Gannon's "editor" speaks:

The operator of an activist Republican Web site and news service said Friday night that he had known for two years that his White House correspondent went by two identities. But the operator, Robert R. Eberle, denied in an interview that the correspondent, Jeff Gannon, whose real name is James D. Guckert, was an administration plant or was given preferential treatment as a Republican partisan to ask soft questions at briefings. Mr. Guckert, who wrote for the Web site and its offshoot Talon News, agreed. In an interview on Saturday, he said had never even made phone calls to administration officials, not even to ask routine questions or clarify basic facts. "My relationship with the White House and with Talon News was on the basis of a reporter and a reporter only. And all that, all of this other stuff out there that I was given favorable treatment, access to things — is absolutely, categorically untrue," Mr. Guckert said.

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