Wednesday, February 23

Bruno the Magnificent

That's the director of Downfall, captured last night at Film Forum, where the unsparing film treatment of Hitler's last days in that Berlin bunker was opening. Bruno Ganz (below) was on hand as well--sans toothbrush mustache--but I had to stop and erase some items from the old cameraphone and missed him and his bodyguards hopping into their Mercedes SUV.

Basically, it's a slightly edgier Springtime for Hitler with more nudity and hacked-off limbs. I know, I know: It's the kind of film you can only make nervous jokes about afterwards because it ain't no spring break yuk-fest. I'd read the book it was based on, and the commitment to realism by the film makers is really quite amazing, broken only at certain points where it was obvious they had filmed at sites where the actual historical battle damage remains unrepaired, looking weathered rather than fresh. A beautiful, understated touch, that.


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