Wednesday, January 26

World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum kicks off today in Davos, chaired by Bill Gates, John Thain of the NYSE, and Charles Prince of Citigroup. "Taking Responsibility for Tough Choices" is the theme--something Prince, whose company has been booted from Japan for violation of anti-money laundering rules and is under indictment in Germany for manipulating bod prices, should know about. Sadly, global blogging gadabout Joi Ito will not play a supporting role this year. Self-anointed blogging intellectual Rebecca MacKinnon will be distributing her head shots around the conference, though, chairing a blogging panel on the Blogopolis--it's a favela, if you ask me--and blogging on the Forum's semi-official blog. Le Monde is blogging both Davos and the anti-Davos World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, which I've covered myself, a couple years ago.

We should do something this week on Thain's participation, quick, call the flack. Maybe I will work it into my commentary. Make that definitely.

The Webcasts start today. I'll probably spend the day with an earbud in one ear and the phone in another. I hate telephones. IMs have a nice balance between the immediacy of presence and the manageability of e-mail (unless yu use Microsoft Outlook). None of that "what did you say a minute ago? Sorry, I was distracted" stuff.

Six in the morning and I'm already going full speed. I write in haste.


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