Wednesday, January 19

Trends and Blends

The 35th FIPP World Magazine Congress sounds likes my kind of lost weekend, even though I am a newspaper guy now. A chance to eat Waldorf-Astoria salad with Readers Digest and Paris Match. Plus this could be good:

The New Brand Extensions of B-to-B Just what are innovative publishers in the global business-to-business world doing to find revenue beyond ad pages in print, in person and online?

And this might be a panel any parent would want to attend:

Global Youth Lifestyle ... What's the Next Big Thing? What are they wearing?...How are they getting their information and news?...Who are their heroes and how do they communicate with each other? As magazine publishers and editors, you need to stay ahead of the curve in terms of youth trends. Jane Buckingham, President, Youth Intelligence shares insights and information that could impact the way you run your business or speak to your readers. She will be joined by a panel of magazine editors from across the globe who are trying to reach that elusive and hard to hold market. They will tell us how they plan to attract and retain their readership.

I'm tempted to update the old joke--about "military intelligence" being an oxymoron and all--for this trendy "youth intelligence" meme, but some recent meetings with young reporters have given me hope for the younger generation.


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