Wednesday, January 26

The Times Weighs In

Wonder of wonders, The New York Times takes up an issue that actually has to do life in the city, for once:
The subway is also no place for the homeless, and it's a sign of the system's shaky state that hundreds of people have been allowed to live in its grapevine of tunnels and passageways. It is not safe for them and, as Sunday's fire makes clear, it is not safe for the millions who ride through those tunnels every single day. The city's police and homeless outreach programs need to be mobilized right away. Infuriated riders who need to vent their anger should understand that neither the station manager nor City Hall is the right target. The buck really stops at Gov. George Pataki's office. He appoints the people who run the M.T.A., and his proposed budget skimps on the kind of maintenance and infrastructure upgrading that could help prevent the disruptions subway riders are seeing this week.

In other words, "This is terrible, do something!" Thanks for belaboring the obvious. All that brainpower in the editorial department and that's the best they can do? If they had their feces coagulated they would be writing an elaborate "I told you so" that cited the myriad editorials they had written predicting just this scenario, but no. They should change the paper's name to the "New York-based Times." When do you ever read a Brooklyn story that's not about judicial corruption and loft conversions in neighborhoods where once we honkies feared to tread? They should rename the thing to "the Manhattan Times, along with all the Mandevillean tall tales of the outer boroughs fit to print."


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