Tuesday, January 25

Life in the Big Freaking City

2 Subway Lines Crippled by Fire; Long Repair Seen (NY Times):
Two of the city's subway lines -- the A and the C -- have been crippled and may not return to normal capacity for three to five years after a fire Sunday afternoon in a Lower Manhattan transit control room that was started by a homeless person trying to keep warm, officials said yesterday. The blaze, at the Chambers Street station used by the A and C lines, was described as doing the worst damage to subway infrastructure since the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001. It gutted a locked room that is no larger than a kitchen but that contains some 600 relays, switches and circuits that transmit vital information about train locations.

The innocent terrorism of poor street weirdos. Can you hear the sound of property values falling in Ozone Park and Rockaway Beach?

So much for protecting key infrastructure with hardcore antiterror police.

I shouldn't say so, but I'm stressed. The job is hard these days. Got to write a couple of pieces this week and pretend like our spot news coverage is not suffering. We need our new reporter, like, yesterday ...


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