Thursday, January 13

Elation, Then Despair, Then Cautious Optimism

This communiqu� from the boys' club at Wall and Broad is big for us, and produces a nice bit of rhetoric for the headline writer to gnaw on:

In contrast, the second alternative, which mandates depth-of-book (?DOB?) order routing, would effectively transform our competing markets into a homogenized government-mandated utility.

Interesting metaphor, that, given that commoditization and utilities computing models have so much to do with transformation on the Street. I might have to write it up myself today, though production seems chaotic at certain moments and is behind schedule a bit. Yikes. I've been getting up at 5:30 and working in my tobacco-reeking cavern over stupendous mugs of French roast before subwaying in.

Meeting nice people in my reporter interviews, writing lots of short advice letters to recent college grads who wrote pop music reviews for The Collegian and think they can satisfy the detailed requirements of our ad by being "fast learners" whose high school teachers thought they were special. Grrr. It's a form of spam. Read the instructions and do not apply if the job description does not apply to you!


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