Friday, December 3

Words You Can't Say on the Internet

Boing Boing tests the robot censors at Microsoft's new MSN Spaces blog-hosting site:
  1. More good news. "World of Poop" is just fine. And the rather racy "Butt Sex is Awesome" made it through, as did the overtly naughty "Dick, Balls, Boobies, Goddammit." The test blog titled "My Craptacular Life" was free to do its bloggy thing, unhindered by prudish vocabulary cops. Even "Internet Explorer is Crappy" was welcomed with open arms. Now that's free speech!
  2. Uh-oh. My attempt to create an MSN Spaces blog called "Pornography and The Law" is met with rude red text advising me to can the profanity. So, if I were a law student who wanted to start a blog about the history of obscenity law in the United States, I'd be shit out of luck.
  3. Very bad news for fans of Russian literature. The blog title "Lolita is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov" is deemed inappropriate, as are any titles I try to create with the 1955 book's name.
  4. You may recall our previously-approved blog title, "Butt Sex is Awesome." That name was fine, but MSN Spaces puts the kibosh on "Anal Health for People who Think Buttsex is Awesome."
The conclusion? A mixed bag of results that manages to do what most attempts to automate censorship do -- make fools of the censors.

The content filter where I work is equally stupid. I am trying to research anti-money laundering and straight-through processing in the gambling industry, for example, but the robot won't let me visit sites with the G-word in their title or meta keywords. Idiocy. Is this an information-gathering organization or what? It's like filtering out the word "jihad" on the CIA's internal network.


Blogger Yunie said...

It's amazing that in a land where freedom of speech was one of the founding principles, how many people want to tell you where they think my freedom is too "free". *sigh*

12/03/2004 08:18:00 am  
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