Thursday, December 9

Things You Need to Know

Chicago Sun-Times:
Heat generated by the use of laptop computers might affect men's fertility, researchers reported Wednesday. Using laptops for one hour increased the temperatures of men's scrotums by about 5 degrees, according to a study at State University of New York at Stony Brook. Earlier studies found that raising scrotal temperatures by more than 2 degrees can decrease the number and quality of sperm, which in turn can reduce fertility.

Tom "Lexis-Nexis and the Olive Oil" Friedman in the NY Times:

One thing I've learned from 25 years in the newspaper business (which is just another form of intelligence gathering) is this: Whenever you add a new layer of editors on top of reporters, and don't get rid of some of the old layer of editors, all you get is trouble. You get less intelligent. The right way to improve U.S. intelligence is to get more people on the ground who speak the languages we need and who can think unconventionally.

Editor and Publisher, via SPJ Press Notes:

Once again, newspaper reporters score poorly in the annual Gallup Poll, released today, on "honesty and ethical standards" in various professions, as judged by the American public. They rank even lower than bankers, auto mechanics, elected officials, and nursing-home operators. To put this in perspective: Newspaper reporters are even less respected than their TV counterparts. Somehow, however, they top lawyers, car salesmen, and ad directors. And they also edge business executives and congressmen. Nurses top the list as most honest and ethical.


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