Wednesday, December 8

Media Week for the Media Geek

Poynter Online says we have been Ignoring the Elephant in Newspaperland:
Just how deep is the newspaper circulation scandal of 2004? Combined with other substantial circulation losses, how damaging will it be to the bread and butter of advertising revenues for 2004, for 2005 and by extension in years to come? Is it yet another sign of the gradual but inexorable decline of the industry and the medium in which many of us practice journalism?

The UBS Warburg Media Week conference (links to Webcast) is not exactly in our bailiwick--the Global Financial Services Conference in May is more like it--but there are certainly some parallels with the issues related to transparency we kick around all the time.

Circulation, of course, is used to calculate advertising rates, so your phantom readers are the moral equivalent of those phantom megawatts those idiots at Enron's West Coast energy trading operation were bragging about over instant messenger a few years back ... It's thanks to them that you have to archive every single e-mail and IM under the iron law of SARBOX, the new ZARDOZ ...

Money for nuthin' and your clicks for free ...


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