Thursday, December 16

Me and the Old Lady

Neuza brought home Shrek 2 from the discotique near her high-temperature yoga class last night. It is, simply put, the story of our love. I laughed, I cried, I broke wind and grumped until more snacks were forthcoming. Lots of lame pop songs gratuitously shoved onto the soundtrack--wow, someone is actually covering old Buzzcocks tunes these days, interesting--essentially the same plot and joke-repetoire as the first, but what the hell.

We went along as a couple to a press reception at the Met Life building the other night. Our first official public appearance in New York high society. Hope no one noticed us anchoring ourselves to the mini-taco tray and monopolizing it. Oh, well, what are junkets for?

Below: My Brazilian ogress does samba doida in fake fur coat and PJs.


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