Wednesday, December 22

Happy Freaking Ho Ho Ho, or, Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense

Me and My Bunduda
Originally uploaded by Colin Brayton.
Me and Neuza looking like complete bums, or worse--sluts and rou�s, malandros and vadias--as snapped by our Brazilian guest, Sas�, the other night. It's been an eventful year, so you should pardon us for busting out the Z� Corvo once in a while. We're invited down to Chile in February, but these Scrooges I work for are going to need me to actually take work seriously for a while. My goal for the year: Transform my job into a liquid-lunch sinecure for the lazy and pretentious. In the meantime, at least the hard work is actually pretty fun. The CEO even cc'd me on an e-mail of congrats the other day! Not that I deserved it, but I feel I deserve credit for simply not screwing things up. In the meantime: Here's drinking heavily to you, unknown wanderer of the blogosphere.


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