Tuesday, December 28

Golden Oldies and the Shock of the New

This Web site had saved me a lot of trouble recently. The latest version of Freaking AOL Instant Messenger is proof of the motto "new doesn't necessarily mean better." It won't install properly on this fershlugginer Windows 2000 box they gave me to work with--I curse constantly under my breath at the goddamned thing--so I'm grabbing an earlier version, without that freaking annoying advertorial pop-up, so I can communicate with Shanghai, Oz, and the Upper Upper Upper West Side and other exotic locales. However, the freaking freakers seem to have written some code into their network that declares old versions "obsolete" and forces you to update to the new and "improved" non-functioning version.

Ah, here we go, version 5.5.x.x seems to work.

You asswipes at AOLTW and MSFT are always wasting my precious time.


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