Monday, December 6


Blogs May Be a Wealth Hazard, quips Wired News:
While some companies like Sun Microsystems and Microsoft express blog-friendliness, for employees who are unaware of their company's stance on the practice or working at firms without clear policies, the consequences of posting work-related entries or photos can be sudden and shocking. This issue could be solved, experts say, with some policy tweaking.

Policy: I will not pose nude on this blog with the logo of my employer--they are actually having a design contest for the new one, now that we have been bought--tatooed on any portion of my anatomy.

Seriously, use a little common sense. I write here about my own personal experience of doing my job, hopefully for the amusement of other people who do the same job. I'm not going to write about the peculiar personal habits of the guy in the next cubicle or how rotten my boss is--assuming that he were was, which he isn't ain't. Would I tell someone I work with to their faces that I was aroused or repulsed by their body odor, fondness for the Ramones, or political affiliation? Hell no! You stick to weather, weekend plans, and work, or how about that local sports team. The same principle applies to the blog. You're in public, be tactful: No porn surfing or psychotic behavior, save it for the privacy of your own leather-wallpapered "rumpus room" or your anonymous private-life journal.

Do I have one, you ask? Wouldn't YOU like to know!


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