Thursday, November 18

Streaming Piles of News Alerts

Beavers Make Dam Out of Stolen Money:
These eager beavers had a whole new slant on money laundering. A bag of bills stolen from a casino was snapped up by beavers who wove thousands of dollars in soggy currency into the sticks and brush of their dam on a creek in eastern Louisiana. 'They hadn't torn the bills up. They were still whole,' said Maj. Michael Martin of the St. Helena Parish sheriff's office. The money was part of $70,000 to $75,000 taken last week from the Lucky Dollar Casino in Greensburg.

Ha ha. [Rim shot.]

I am constantly fiddling with what I like to call my World Domination Control Panel—a bookmarked set of Firefox tabs that open up to all the news sources I want to peruse first thing in the morning to know the state of the microverse I'm supposed to know something about, so that I can pretend to know about it more convincingly.

I am not exactly thrilled at how much effort it takes to calibrate the queries that I have e-mailed to me all day long, from the likes of Google Alerts, BusinessWire, PRWeb, PR Newswire, PubSub, and, oh, there must be others. I still wind up plowing through a lot of crap that doesn't interest me, and spending time fine-tuning my queries: "SEC -college -football -sports -league -gators -seminoles" ...

Probably just means I'm too stupid to use these fine tools properly, right? After all, I majored in philosophy and lit ... classic underachieving stoner majors.

Money-laundering is a pet topic of mine these days. Seems there is much more than meets the eye. Having a quiet but seismic effect on the international financial system.


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