Monday, November 15

Shanghai and the Shadowy, Shady Shills for Shiva

You can add our parent company--new name to be announced soon--to the list of accredited U.S. media organizations in Shanghai. That's pretty exciting. The bureau will run out of an MT apartment for a while, but still, prospects of some on-the-scene reporting (albeit with government minders everywhere) ...

More cause for excitement--or bemusement, or whatever the appropriate emotion is--if you're a noncommissioned press-watch officer: The trouble Conrad Black and Hollinger International have gotten themselves into, what with RICO charges (dropped) and embezzling allegations and all. The WSJ today says that

U.S. securities regulators are expected to file civil-fraud charges as early as today against newspaper baron Conrad Black and his deputy, David Radler, according to people familiar with the matter.
The lawsuit by the Securities and Exchange Commission is expected to accuse Lord Black, Hollinger's former chairman and chief executive, and Mr. Radler, the company's former president and chief operating officer, of engaging in transactions with Hollinger that benefited them but that hurt the company and weren't disclosed to investors, these people said.

These guys are good pals with Richard Perle and run a whole lot of right-wing rags, including the NY Sun--now $0.25 and shoved in your face by colorful New York characters when you emerge at Bowling Green and all over town, reminiscent of the Post putsch of a couple years back. Note the editorial today tongue-lashing the litigious jackals victimizing poor Merck--tort reform now! Down with junk science!--and the Hollywood-style explosion photo--Iraqi saboteurs--front and center, very eye-catching, very oriented to the submammalian primal-fear mechanisms of the forebrain. Corporate America, awake! Your Mercedes is in danger!

The World Socialists like to call 'em "a financial oligarchy out of control." We call them transnational cultural-industrial war industry tycoons.

My week? Beginning with a nasty toothache and a small bout of subway agoraphobia, thanks. And too much "maybe" in response to "You got something for me this week?" Oh, and one elevator serving ten floors, instead of the usual six.


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