Wednesday, November 3

Post Circulation and Pricing Bust?

The New York Daily News, via SPJ Press Notes:
The New York Post has received a subpoena from the U.S. Attorney's office in Brooklyn seeking circulation and advertising records going back to 2001, sources said yesterday. The subpoena covers the period from when the Post began to show industry eyebrow-raising circulation gains after cutting its price in half -- to 25 cents -- on copies sold in the city. The demand for advertising records is believed to reflect interest in how ad rates were affected by circ increases. "We welcome the investigation by the U.S. Attorney's office," New York Post general manager Geoff Booth said through a spokesman. While not disclosing the scope of the order, Booth added, "We'll cooperate fully with all the requirements of the subpoena."

The Post is the only paper I have ever seen that runs its own circulation figures as a business news item. Of course, the rival Daily News loves to run stories like this one about its archrival, alongside shock headlines like "Anarchist Horde to Storm City!"

Nothing quite matches the Post's "Osama Urges Bush Defeat" of Oct. 31 for misrepresentation and sleaze, though. If New York were a sovereign nation--not a bad idea, that--we'd be complaining of dumping by foreign media companies in an attempt to drive local media out of business and influence our political processes.


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