Monday, November 29

Our Shaman in Kiev

"Putin, don't become a terrorist." Have a look at the Ukraine Archives of Le Sabot Post-Moderne for some moving commentary live from the ground in Kiev, from the, er, blogger presently known as the Disco Shaman:

One of the tragic things I see developing is that the Western media narrative seems to be falling into a US vs. Russia play. And I'm seeing more and more commentary in that vein on the web. So few seem to grasp that this is about an entire system, not about an election. Yes, the people are rallying for Yushchenko, but it goes so, so much deeper than that. The events in Ukraine are about a people fighting free of the grayness, corruption, abuse and fatalism of the post-Soviet era. All of you, Right or Left, need to see them as people. Yes, there are geopolitical ramifications. But they should be so incredibly secondary to the humanity of the Ukrainian people -- these are flesh and blood human beings who are fighting to be free of a vicious, grinding system. People are proud to be Ukrainian, proud that their country is now known for something other than mafia, dead journalists, and corruption. People who a week ago were convinced of their own powerlessness are now standing fearlessly, singing together, "We are many, we are one, we can't be stopped!" Can anyone be so dead of heart not to find this beautiful?

I find this blog of the Shaman's a beautiful thing. And there are many others.


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