Monday, November 15

Marvelous Jarvis

Via Tech Law Advisor, news of a neat little scoop for "citizen journalism," scored by Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine:
Jeff Jarvis uses FOIA to break this story on how just 3 viewers were able to get the FCC to levy a $1.2M fine against Fox for "suggesting ... sex on a show that had already been canceled because the marketplace didn't like it anyway."

Fox: Bible Belt values during the news hour, trailer-trash titillation in prime time. But let's not forget the Simpsons ...

Note that Jeff is actually a media professional by day, so it's not like he had no previous know-how about how to pull this kind of thing. Still, it's an exciting proof of concept, in that he did it in his capacity as a citizen-scribbler, on his own time. Nice going, man. I just wish corporations had to respond as promptly to the same kinds of queries.


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